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American Para DanceSport Association held its anniversary celebration in Los Angeles on July 22, 2023. The event was initiated by Philip Li, founder of the American Para DanceSport Association.  The occasion featured special performances by two-time International Para DanceSport champions, Julius Obrero & Rhea Marquez. The purpose of the event was to inspire more people to appreciate wheelchair DanceSport through live performances, and to garner support for the inclusion of wheelchair DanceSport in the Paralympic Games!


Julius and Rhea presented a stunning and breathtaking live wheelchair dance performance to everyone. Their dance expressed optimism and strength, , portraying a beautiful life and their love for it. Their performance was filled with passion, representing not only a personal challenge, but also the pursuit of power and beauty. Through their graceful dance, they conveyed the strength of the physically challenged and demonstrated that their spirits are not hindered by their disabilities. Witnessing these graceful movements, everyone present was deeply impressed and moved from the bottom of their hearts.


Philip Li made a strong call to action at the end, urging wheelchair DanceSport to be included in the Paralympic Games! This has been the pursuit and hope of wheelchair dancers for many years. All our colleagues in the American Para DanceSport Association are willing to contribute to this goal and unite more people to work together to make this historical mission a reality.

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