The Asian Pacific Dental Students’ Association Alumni(APAL)

The idea of APAL was mooted by Dr. Eiichiro Nakajima, who is also a founder member of APDSA back in 1968. Together with several other senior members of APDSA, a meeting to discuss the possibility of forming APAL was held at the 23rd APDSA Congress in Singapore, 1996. They seek to enhance the friendship of dental graduates in the Asia Pacific region after their fine experience and camaraderie within APDSA during their undergraduate days. They are committed to the idea of globalization and seek a platform to continue with their international dental activities. Anyone sharing this aspiration is most welcome. In addition, it will serve as an advisory role to the Asia-Pacific Dental Students’ Association.
Last but not least, it hopes to contribute, within its own capacity, to the development of dentistry within the region with the blessings of the Asian Pacific Dental Federation.
1.APDSA Congress with a special program for APAL members.
2.APAL Foreign Postgraduate Students’ Exchange program.
3.Asian Pacific Dental Congress with a special program for APAL members.
4.APAL Bulletin and Homepage.
5.APAL Clinical Study Group.To start the ball rolling, the Japan APAL Group has already launched the Japan Dental Association Foreign Researcher’s Fund for a member of the APAL every year.
1.Special APAL participation rates for APDSA Congress.
2.Special APAL participation rates for Asia Pacific Dental Congress.
3.Updated information of APAL, APDSA and APDF activities and program.
4.Complimentary copy of APDSA, APAL and APDF publications.
5.APAL membership directory.
To seek as an associate member of APDF. Delegates form APAL will be invited to attend their committee meetings and general assemblies as observers. They will have the right to voice their opinion for the development of dentistry in this region.
The APAL Executive Committee will strive to forge a close link with the Secretary-General of the APDF.
Individual Rate Life Membership US$30 per annum To be decided later.
   Please make all payments by cash to the Committee Members.
Other alternatives to be decided later.
This is to inform that the APAL Protem Committee has called for the Inaugural General Assembly to elect new office bearers to the APAL Executive Committee and to decide on the direction headed by the Alumni.
The meeting will be held during the 89th FDI World Dental Congress in Seoul, South Korea from the 5th-9th September, 1997 under the auspices of the APDF.
The detail of the venue and agenda will be posted later.
Graduates of the APDSA who will be attending the Congress are invited to attend and participate in this Assembly and those who are keen to support the APAL are requested to send in their particulars with the attached application form to the Secretariat as soon as possible.
Your kind support is most welcomed.
With regards,
Executive Director.