Lend A Hand Project

APDSA perform its community service under the “Lend A Hand Project” that will be held by member country each year. This project is open to all undergraduate dental students of APDSA member countries.

With our contribute to oral and dental health improvement”, this project is aimed to:

  • To improve development in the field of oral and dental health
  • To improve the oral health status through preventive activities(including public awareness about oral health) and curative treatment(oral and dental health service)
  • To set a good collaboration between APDSA member country community
  • To cooperate with dental students in Asia Pacific region
  • To promote the culture and traditions
  • As a case study of oral health status of local communities

We are sure you will have a great experience through this activity.
Imagine how you can go beyond the language barrier, even you do not speak the local language.
It is a break through to local community.