10 reasons why i love this year’s congress

Dear APDSA friends and colleagues

it’s been a week or so from the congress which was held in thailand on the 15th to the 21st  of August, although being back in my home country and returning to daily school activities i still can’t shake the euforia I got from the congress and a piece of my heart is left behind in thailand making me miss it even more. During those amazing 7 days I left for a congress that I thought as always would be a memorable experience but as is completed my journey to the land of smiles i came back wanting for more as I yearn to relive those 7 days and wishing it would never end.

This post is a retrospect of my personal experience during the congress which I want to share with all of you though we may experienced it differently. As the title implies I would like to give you my 10 personal reasons why this year was so special for me and those who attended it, the people that missed it I can only say you missed out on a great one!!!!.

Why 10 you might ask? because I can not think any reasons less of the wonderful things this congress has offered me and if make it more than 10 well it will turn out as a diary ha3. Enough introductions let’s start!

  1. The hotel

    We can’t start this post without the mention of the venue where we had the congress The Rama Garden Hotel, Bangkok. Situated at the middle of Bangkok i think all of you remember this picture of the hotelhotels2642553132206

    During those 5 days we had most of our activities and interact with the other participants of the congress in this wonderful hotel.DSC_0433

    all of you had to come through here sometime during the congress. It’s time to register. Here we have our former general secretary registering on the booth she gave me the biggest shock of the day having chopped of her locks she had last year XP


    and then there was the hectic and scrambling procedure of locating the group and looking if there is someone in the group that i probably know.

    IMG_0031 time flies during the day and without even realizing it it’s already time for the opening ceremony. This really stood out for me, i could only imagine the effort the LOC put in constructing all of these and the the APDSA flag in the middle of it is like the icing on an award winning cake :’D



    a feast of the senses  as we got the rock star treatment  seeing there was an APDSA backdrop in front the ballroom some people couldn’t help  to take pictures here we have our former treasurer and general secretary sharing the spotlight, you go girls ha3. The night went on to be a memorable one as we were serenaded by the Srinakharinwirot University Orchestra.


    although it may not be to everyone’s cup of tea as this picture shows ha3 peace brian XP. As quickly the night began surely as quickly as well it ended it was then time to meet and greet friends old and new


    I got in the mood of taking pictures as well but i’m not sure whether i’m  doing a sawas dee pose or praying since there was a monk wearing a suit beside me XDDD. The hotel was such an integral part of this congress which cannot be overlooked.

  2. The culture

    once you step your feet into Thailand it’ clear to the naked eye that the Thai people are in sync and proud of their culture. It’s deeply rooted in their body  like a hundred seqouia tree.


    in the opening ceremony i couldn’t help but to be enchanted by the beauty and grace of the performance from the dancers



    During the Rattanakosin tour i got a glimpse of how much the culture is not just a history but as an identity and part of themselves. Their devotion to their culture is truly admirable. Sadly this is as far as my camera could go but it was stamp in my mind to pay respect to any culture.



    The reclining buddha one of the must see spots in Bangkok. Here we have one of the participants taking part in local culture by giving alms to the monks by dropping coins into bowls which with it then the monks will use it to purchase food.


    It was not serious all the time, we also took time to fool around and have a little fun, my group thought it would be funny to pose as one the statues. Now a question, do you still remember how to differentiate the monkeys and the demons? ;D

  3. The attractions

    there’s a lot to do and see in Thailand, one of things we did during the city tour was the Chao Praya River Cruise


    we had a nice dinner on the boat, something i was not expecting  at all. The view in the boat isn’t bad either seeing you get a meal and tour of the city at the same time, with some in cruise entertainment. Will explain that on the other points of the posts ha3


    Another thing that i never thought i would be able to do while i was in Bangkok is to ride a golf cart during the optional tour. It was so much fun and put my drivers license to good use there XP


    Elephant riding is also a must do while you’re in Thailand, while it seems a little strange at first it’s really a blast riding on an elephants back let’s just hope you’re not prone to motion sickness.



  4. The Scenery

    Don’t get me started on sceneries there, if you are a camera junkie then Thailand is the place to get out those SLR’s and start collecting your photos!


    These are just some examples of what the eye candy Thailand has to offer you.


    This one is actually a personal favourite of mine ha3


  5. The Food

    If you’re palate is of those looking for exotic and spicy cuisines then Thailand is the place for you



    I’m not really sure what this one was called, Peerapat actually told me the name of the dish and it moved up a few places being one of the most sought after dishes in the world. This curry was one of the best dishes i’ve had in during my stay in Thailand. Professor Loh Hong Sai and all the APDSA EXCO’ S also took part in the culinary fiesta


    A visit to Thailand wouldn’t be complete with out a visit to the world famous Pad Thai dish. I could go on with all the food i ate but then this posts will be filled with nothing but food ha3

  6. The lecture

    The APDSA congress wouldn’t be complete without the collection of speakers sharing their knowledge in the field of dentistry. This year it was quite short but very inspiring and engaging lecture


    It was a sight to behold seeing a lot of people turning up for the lecture, and pretty proud myself seeing most of my juniors eager to learn as well.


    For those who attended the seminar i know you guys wouldn’t forget these presentations from Dr. Klawsirirojana ^^

  7. The ladies???

    APDSA has always had a roster of pretty and cute girls joining each congress as you can see from the pictures below.

    girls copy

    But How about pretty boys??? Ladyboys to be exact! which is exactly what we got during our Chao Praya River Cruise.


    it seems someone is pretty shy when it comes to pretty girl/boy comes along and fancies them ha3.


    This one took me by suprise, “He” was so pretty i couldn’t believe my eyes “He’s” even prettier than the real thing. Our current EXCO couldn’t help but take a picture, be careful boys “He” might as for you numbers or is it the other way around? ha3


  8. The LOC

    This wonderful congress couldn’t have taken off without a collection of hardworking dedicated  LOC who did not just sacrifice time,money, personal pleasures to bring you to Thailand and send you off with smiles on your faces.


    There is nothing i can say that will be sufficient enough to show my gratitude for all the LOC’s who have made all of the participants stay a memorable and wonderful one. My hats off to you ladies and gentlemen


    In Honor of the Thai LOC i only have one word to say KOB KUN MAN MAK!!!!!!

  9. The friends

    Over the years APDSA has given more friends than i could have imagined. From every senior i had to all my juniors i have the privilege of guiding to every APDSA congress they all are special and none can replace them


    Old friends who i have the honor to meet again and relive the memories of old congresses.

    Wonderful group mates of which i know we’ll be life long friends and hope to meet nit this just during this congress but far beyond that

    My friends from the EXCO old and new alongside the country representatives which has been a big part of my life since serving as one of the EXCO’sDSC_0827

  10. The Memories

    This is the final reason i would like to share with all of you, all of the above are the build up to this. The memories that remains in your heart is like a photograph that reminds you of today say 5 or 10 years from now. The shirt says “Sawasdee Chan Pen Mor Fun”  that you wore during the congress may fade away, it may be lost along the way but the memory remains


    Friends and all the things we encountered every congress and all the things we did through every year is like a treasure worth more than any money and material possesions this world could offer.

    Treasure everything that you have and do not let is slip away and became what you had.

    Snip 1

    snip 2

    Remember every tear and laughter you had, those are the things that binds us together in these memories.  When knowledge fades all that’s left are the memories never ever forget the memories you shared with these people

    Snip 3

    This is the one of the wonderful things i saw during the congress when Professor Loh gave a lecture regarding APDSA . As i saw  the picture of the 2008 APDSA in Surabaya it jocked my memory and reminded me why i love this APDSA and why i keep coming back every year because of every memory i had from my very 1st APDSA.


    This is the end of my post i hope you guys enjoyed reading it as i did making it. I would like to close my post with a quote from one of my seniors when i was still a freshman and attended my very 1st congress “May The APDSA Spirit Always Be With You”.

    Though the congress has ended but the APDSA spirit lives on if you choose to make it so. To all those who attended this year’s congress thank you for the memories and to those who didn’t or haven’t joined APDSA congresses let’s create new memories in next year’s congress!



    EXCO Editor

12 thoughts on “10 reasons why i love this year’s congress

  1. Piqa

    I almost cry while reading this! only God knows how i miss every moments in APDSA 2011 Bangkok, Thailand. The unforgettable memories will surely
    remain in everyone’s heart =)

  2. Mai

    This made me wanna cry and smile at the same time..many days has past but i keep thinking of those days in APDSA with all my lovely friends esp. in group 22 😀
    This is my 1st APDSA and i’m sure that i’ll never forget every memories..(because i already write in in my diary haha)
    Thanks you , Stan 🙂
    May The APDSA Spirit Always Be With You

  3. excoeditor Post author

    awww so sweet mai :’D. Miss our group as well, since i was missing most of the time XP
    i hope you won’t as well, ha3 this is my diary XDDD.

    May it be with you always as well ^^

  4. excoeditor Post author

    ha3 you’re just saying that because you’re in the post XDDDD, but i really did enjoy creating this post

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